Sunday, April 18, 2010


 Family of four returns home.
I think I have left part of myself in China. I miss the country that gave me Tessa very much. Everywhere I go these days I think of what a contrast my life in the US is to the life I would lead in China. It is so so good to be home and as the days pass, and China becomes a far away memory, I will try to remember all that she taught me. I certainly will never forget this great gift, this daughter, that we have been chosen to raise and learn from.

We family of four spent about 36 hours all on April 15th traveling home from Guangzhou China. The 18 hours of plane flying was long and sweaty but 3 flights, 3 security checks, 4 airplane meals, 3 baggage checks, one confiscated diet coke, one discussion with a security guard about a rock, two immigration officials, two customs officials, one agricultural check (it turns out you can't save your food from the plane to eat later), meeting three more families with adopted Chinese children en route, and one daughter becoming a naturalized citizen upon touching down in Newark, NJ, we landed in Cincinnati and were greeted by Geoff's parents and brother who whisked us and all our bags away for meals, showers and beds. We couldn't have been happier to be home.

In the morning, I marveled at the air quality and the crisp blue skies and spring flowers. I forgot I ever had problems reading signs or communicating with clerks about anything, and I had a small quiet sigh for missing my new friends and wondered how they fared on their trip home. I thought of Catherine just waking up in Beijing, to spend a few days with her husband after being on the road with us. My mother-in-law made me a very nice breakfast bar of donuts and sausages and yoghurt and real brewed coffee.

I plan to post now and again when Tessa reaches a milestone, or I encounter China again somehow. Until then, catch me at Esmereldasbookthing. I am planning a series on Chinese-American literature dedicated to Catherine. Thanks for following us and sending your good wishes.

xo Amy


  1. We are so glad you are all here!

  2. I loved reading as you journeyed -- thank you for sharing all this with us!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your adoption journey. It was such a joy to read. Best wishes to all of you.

    Doug McKinney

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