Friday, April 9, 2010

Our Traveling Companions

Geoff and I are most fortunate to be part of a great group of fellow adoptive parents. We became acquainted on a list serve and have been getting to know each other and each other's children together. All five children are just under one year with the oldest, Josie, having an April birthday and the two youngest, Madeline and Kaylee having June birthdays.
Pam came with her parents Tom and Sue. She adopted Clara from Yiyang. She is from the DC area.

Kevin and Kelly adopted Kaylee from Yiyang. They are from Kentucky.

Julie and Joe adopted Madeline from Yiyang. They are from Noblesville.

Rana and Ron adopted Josie from Feng Cheng orphanage. They are from Cold Springs, Kentucky. Ron stayed home with their older Chinese daughter Olivia so we will look forward to meeting them when we get back. Rana is traveling with her Mother-in-Law Charlene.

This is our whole group pictured near Elephant Lake after we toured a beautiful Taoist temple. If it had been a few degrees warmer and sunny it would have been quite a day. Catherine, our guide, took all of our pictures. She had five cameras hanging off her arms.
Catherine and Amy


  1. Looks like a wonderful group. It's so fun to see Catherine again...and even the rain. :)

  2. That pic of you and Catherine at the lake reminds me of our visit to the Summer Palace outside of Beijing... it was gray, cold and damp...

    Catherine is such a sweetheart.

    Everyone looks like they are in heaven with their babies... and they are such a beautiful group of angels!

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