Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ladies in Gold

Ladies in Gold

My blog fairies have set me up so I can see and read your comments.  It is 4:00am China time and Geoff and I are awake and ready for the next adventure, and we are reading and enjoying all of your well wishes as our children sleep.  Many thanks and a shout out to my writing peeps who have so generously called Tessa and me into the writing circle.  Warrior princesses are we all!

Yesterday we spent some time with our generous guide Catherine.  She plans tours for us to see the city whenever we have down time. They are always optional, but we all get on the bus with our babies bundled in snugglies.  One of my apprehensions has always been about taking Tessa out in public in China.  If I get a lot of attention as a Westerner, what will the attention be like as a Westerner with a Chinese baby?  Sometimes I feel as if I am stealing something precious.  I am taking away the most beautiful little person, and I kind of want to sneak her out.  I am afraid they will see what I am doing and demand I give her back.  I want to be as inconspicuous as possible.

Our Family at the Tengwang Pavillion

We went out to the Tengwang Pavillion to look around and see a little music show.  As we were watching the music the ladies in gold found us.  They began pointing and staring at all of us in turn, first Rana and her daughter Josie, then Julie and Joe and Madeline.  They were dressed in gold and had nice cameras, and they absolutely could not stop talking to us or taking our pictures.  Catherine came over and told us they were very excited and happy and said over and over again how we had changed these little girls lives and gave them a better future.  This was a really beautiful thing to hear, but they seemed to be stalking us.  Every corner I turned there were the ladies in gold.  I finally gave in and told Geoff to take their picture with us.  I will never forget them.

Tao Village
Village Plaza

Chickens everywhere!
Village Home

Water Source

Later that day Catherine booked a cab and Rana and Geoff and Grayson and Tessa and I went out to see a village on the outskirts of Nanchang.  Rana thoughtfully brought some candy, and we became like pied pipers through the Tao Village.  Everywhere people came out of their homes to stare at us and the children began to follow us everywhere.  Catherine explained who we were and that Geoff and I were adopting Tessa. They scolded us with smiles on their faces for not bundling her up better.  Tessa was all eyes for them and the chickens in the street and the children following us.  It felt a little like being in a parade at the fourth of July except we were the only people in the parade.  I'll let the pictures tell the story.  It was an amazing visit on a cold chilly day.  We will never forget.

Cute Village Kids

I think some clouds parted for me this afternoon.  I think I finally felt like I had the blessing of the Chinese people to take my moon girl home.  Suddenly, getting out of town didn't seem like such an urgency.  Home is great, but I will get there.  I can appreciate China and offer my admiration and love of it's culture to Jian-Jian as she grows up.  I have the blessing of the ladies in gold.


  1. amy,
    this has been a beautiful journey to watch... thank you for taking the time to post your journey for us to follow. Tessa is beautiful and you look absolutely radiant and thrilled as her mother. congrats!
    Mel Morgan

  2. Love the smiles on the ladies in gold and the residents of Tao Village. Such sweet and genuine people.

  3. Reading and loving your entries, Amy. What generous sharing. I get verklempt every time I visit--have to do it in fits and spurts. Tessa looks like she belongs in each of your arms. Re: photos. Someone has a great eye!

  4. Oh, the Chinese people really do love their children - and they are so happy to know that one of "their" children will be going to Mei Guo (America). They consider this a wonderful thing for the babies.