Monday, April 12, 2010

Pearl Market and Lucy's Place

Our tours today involved shopping at the famous Pearl Market. This is a five story building filled with jewelry vendors of every kind. Many of them sold pearls but you could also find crystal and tiger eye and jade. I have never seen so many shops devoted to selling jewelry. Every shop had strands upon strands of pearls. Our guide Helen explained that the pearls were farmed in freshwater and were plentiful and relatively inexpensive. She had picked a shop that was pretty good quality and had a good reputation. Otherwise, I think most of us would have been too overwhelmed. We picked our strands and watched them tie each pearl and then they cut off two and made pearl earrings. We bought a beautiful set of pink pearls to give to Tessa some day. I mentioned to our guide that the place looked relatively empty given that there must be 500 jewelry stores here. She said that the Pearl Market does wholesale to jewelers from all over.

Later in the day, we all went to Lucy's place for dinner. Lucy, like many of the other shop owners, caters to her American clientele. Her restaurant has a huge outdoor patio along the Pearl River where we could order burgers and fries and grilled cheese and pitchers of beer as well as an array of Chinese food. We all ate and drank and watched the babies play and cavort.
Lucy's place

Josie, Tessa and Clara

The sun settles at about 6:00 and the river lights up. We all parted until tomorrow. Geoff, Gray, Tessa and I strolled further along the river, enjoying the lights from a pedestrian bridge over the river. 

White Swan at night

Amy, Grayson and Tessa on the pedestrian bridge

I am starting to anticipate re-entry and wondering who will do my laundry and make my big breakfast buffet every morning. One could get used to this life.


  1. Yaay, Lucy's--love it! Those babies are so cute together and Grayson looks like he is having a great time being a big brother.

  2. I am getting teary eyed reading this and I'm not sure why. It's possible it's hormonal (weaning weaning weaning) but I think it's also that... I have never seen you look so happy. It's kind of heart warming in a very very deep level to see everyone so totally utterly content with life, serene in the middle of all the Chinese lights ala Las Vegas. And Grayson looks so excited. I am so happy for you. I am so happy that Tessa has found her family and you've found her. It feels very complete. I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading these and being in touch with your life and part of this, kind of like being part of Tess's birth into your family.
    xo I love you. Andrea

  3. Sounds like a short story, Pink Pearls for Tessa. BTW, a memorable read back line at last night's Readaround was "...drinking Tab and adjusting our halter tops."

    Wondering how Josie's bare feet and ankles ever made it past the locals...